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I put it to you, the public… (9 July, 2015) - So it's been a couple weeks since I published Subject Behaviour / Officer Response and there's been some great feedback and discussion. If you've read through the post, I'd like to pose a scenario to you, the reader.
Subject Behaviour / Officer Response (17 June, 2015) - It's been a busy few months in Delta with several dozen shootings along the Delta / Surrey border related to the street level drug trade. I've been working as part of a Uniformed Violence Suppression Team initiative. Our mandate has been to be highly visible and check anyone suspected of involvement in gangs or drugs and to disrupt their business in the area.
My 4 days on the line at the Burnaby Mountain Kinder Morgan protest. (26 November, 2014) - On the night of Wednesday, November 19 2014 my phone rang the familiar tone of a Tac Troop Call out, within hours I would be in uniform on Centennial Parkway in Burnaby. I'm attached to the Lower Mainland District Integrated Tactical Troop and one of our functions is crowd management.
More questions in case of cop charged with murder (19 November, 2014) - Originally posted on Crime & Punishment:
The more the extraordinary 2nd degree murder charge laid against Delta Police Constable Jordan MacWilliams in the 2012 death of 48-yr.-old Mehrdad Bayrami is looked into, the more it appears to be the railroading of a good, young police officer. Murder is an extraordinary charge to be laid against…
Murder charge against cop makes no sense (6 November, 2014) - Originally posted on Crime & Punishment:
In the wake of the madness in Ottawa, the words heroes and courage were being much bandied about. And as they should. We have all seen the video shot by the Globe & Mail reporter showing police officers with weapons drawn moving toward the sound of gunfire and then…

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