Impaired parking

Day shift #1

This morning one of the guys on the Platoon and I were able to link multiple theft from auto’s over the last few months to someone redeeming Airmiles for gift cards from the stolen wallets.  A link to a possible suspect is great, however it highlights the fact that people continue to leave their wallets in their vehicles and on top of that some of the vehicles are left unlocked.  We see it all the time, some thieves will just walk down a street checking door handles in the dead of night.  Anything left unlocked is fair game to these guys.

Once back on the road after tidying up some paperwork, I was dispatched to an MVI involving a vehicle making an illegal U-turn on a busy stretch of road with a speed limit of 80km/h just at the end of an overpass.  The driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries. While waiting on the tow truck, with my emergency lights on, another driver made a U-turn in the exact same spot right in front of me!  Luckily the tow truck was just leaving so I had a chance to stop the motorist and we discussed the potential outcome of any further U-turns in that spot.

Just prior to shift change after fueling up we were dispatched to a male at a local Fire Hall needing assistance.  A local gentleman we’ve come to know well was intoxicated and seeking medication.  All too often we see the unfortunate effects of years of substance abuse and a lack support system.  I gave him a ride home after having him checked out and we discussed the career he had in the Canadian Forces before his luck turned south.

Day shift #2

I ended up working in a different zone today to cover for some shortages.  I spent the day covering calls and tidying up some paperwork.  One of the calls this morning was one we see all too often, a woman with a mental illness and a drug addiction needed help.  She was hearing voices and was afraid she would hurt herself, EHS was initially called and they requested we attend to cover.  I was first on scene and could see that she was scared and really just wanted help. She wasn’t seeking narcotics, wasn’t seeking attention, you could tell all she wanted was someone to help her.  She looked so relieved as we helped her into the ambulance for the ride to hospital.  This was the fifth time in as many months she’d gone to hospital this way, hoping at some point soon doctors would be able to find a medication that would calm the voices she was hearing.

Later in the morning I was able to sit down with a couple Surrey RCMP members and share some information over a coffee.

For the better part of the afternoon I was scouring a specific neighborhood looking for a prolific property crime suspect.  We had a call that matched his description and MO so we know he’s back in the area.  Another opportunistic thief that relies on unlocked doors and insecure property in driveways.  Neighborhood canvassing resulted in reports that he apparently left the area on a bicycle.

The rest of the day was fairly routine with a warrant arrest right at the end of shift that ended up keeping me a little past shift change.  All in all a productive day.

Night shift #1

For a Friday it was fairly routine in our zone.  We walked through all the local pubs and bars to remind everyone we were out in force tonight.  It was great to see a lot of vehicles left secured in the parking lot after closing and cabs running around everywhere.

One pub patron potentially didn’t get the message unfortunately and damaged 2 other vehicles as he tried to get out of the parking lot.  Luckily witnesses got his plate and video surveillance caught the whole thing.  He didn’t go home so he won’t be a happy camper when my partner tracks him down.

Aside from proactively trying to keep impaired drivers off the streets we had a couple house parties to attend and suspicious people to find. Unfortunately a few people made the decision to spend the night with us in cells.

Night shift #2

Well it was a Saturday night and the Canucks were playing, I’ve got no idea what the score was as we were busy with impaired drivers.  I had a Delta Police Reserve ride-a-long with me and we wrote up 2 impaired drivers and impounded a vehicle for 7 days for excessive speed.  I still don’t understand why people make the choice to drive drunk, not only is it illegal it’s socially unacceptable.  The consequences can be so tragic.

We still managed to sneak the bar walk throughs in.  I think it’s important to remind people before closing time that we are out in force and potentially change a mind or two about driving home after a couple too many.  The common theme for all of our calls tonight was definitely alcohol; We had everything from intoxicated youth to house parties, alcohol fueled domestic dispute and impaired drivers.

The only call that wasn’t alcohol related for us tonight was a report of metal theft from an industrial area.  All the units that were free flooded the area and located the suspect.  All the evidence pointed to them salvaging scrap metal and no offense was committed.

As of tonight I’m off for 4 days and will be back next block!  Stay Safe.