Lucky lady

Day shift #1

It was a routine day until mid afternoon when someone attended our front counter to advise that her son had tried to stab his brother with a knife and then threatened to turn the knife on himself.  The young man with the knife was still in their apartment.  I was first on scene, deployed with my less lethal shotgun and contained the exterior of the building until other units arrived.  We made contact and called the young man out without any incident.  Though no one was hurt, the young man admitted that he needed help and wasn’t sure where to turn for it.   We had a lengthy calm discussion to work towards help before he left the scene with us.

Day shift #2

Today turned out to be the polar opposite of yesterday.  Yesterday there was some adrenaline and a chance to help someone.  Today I had a report of a suspicious vehicle at a high rate of speed with a person hiding under a blanket in the backseat that turned out to be someone running late for work with his dog.  I also had a report of a container theft from a shipping yard, it turned out the container was sitting in an adjacent yard and there was a communication break down between the yard and the distribution company, I found the container and we all addressed the communication problem.

Night shift #1

Tonight wasn’t quite as busy as we thought it may be as it was St. Patrick’s day and there was a Canucks game on.  I had a Reserve ride-along tonight.  I’m quite happy to have Reserves come out with me, I’m the type that likes to talk and teach, I find it keeps me sharp.

The bars were all packed so we tried to get as many walk throughs in as we could to remind everyone that we were out in force.  Most of the calls tonight were alcohol related with a couple fights, house parties, and an attempt theft of auto by someone who was too drunk to figure out how to get the truck into gear being egged on by his drunk buddy.

The night ended with a single vehicle accident that sent a car through a fence and spinning into a farmer’s field.  Luckily no one was injured.  We found the occupants of the vehicle back at the house party they’d come from after a Taxi picked them up at the accident scene, all were intoxicated to some degree.

Night shift #2

Tonight started out with the female driver involved in the MVI last night coming in with her father to talk about the consequences of the decision to drive.  We had a good conversation about taking responsibility and the potential tragic outcome from the mistake.  While I was talking to the young lady a thief was stealing a wallet full of credit cards out of a vehicle at the other end of our zone. A platoon mate was sent to the call, while he was on scene the complainant was on the phone with her credit card company stating her card was being used at that moment to buy some electronics.  I’d finished my conversation and got a phone call from my platoon mate asking if I could get to the store ASAP and try to arrest the thief.  Unfortunately he’d left by the time I got there but the store had good video so it’s only a matter of time until we ID him.

We had some time to do some proactive patrols and respond to some routine calls, there were far fewer alcohol related calls tonight.  One call of note was a report of two young men snorting cocaine off a table at a local restaurant.  We arrived and were able to observe them and subsequently arrest them for possession of a controlled substance.  We finished off the night by assisting one of our K9 officers recover some stolen copper cable during a routine traffic stop.

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