A new platoon mate

Day shift #1

This block I’ve got a new Delta Police member riding with me.  While he’s new to our force, he’s definitely not new to policing, he’s spent over 10 years with another force in Canada and a handful of years as a Police officer overseas.  We spent a lot of time getting him used to the computer systems and work flow that we use.

On Friday we received a call from another agency to assist them locating a missing youth that was suffering from a mental illness.  The young man is known to go a house known for drug offences in our zone when he leaves his half way house.  We checked his conditions and once apprehended he’s to be taken back to the hospital to see his doctor before going back to his halfway house.   I take my new partner for a tour of the area and with another platoon mate come up with a plan to locate and apprehend the young man.  We end up finding him and he concedes that it’s time to go back to the hospital.

I know there’s a chance I’ll be waiting in emergency and triage for several hours so my new partner grabs a ride back to HQ with someone else and I head towards the hospital.

Having dealt with this young man several times before, he’s unusually quiet and it appears he hasn’t eaten in some time.   I pulled into the Tim Horton’s drive thru on the way and grabbed him a sandwich and drink.

Day shift #2

The morning started out with a quick breakfast and some routine calls to introduce my new partner to the reporting system.  Our dispatch got a message from another agency asking to assist in locating a female that may be suffering from mental distress.  We were able to locate her and while she was in good health, she was clearly delusional and wanted help.

EHS met us and she voluntarily left with them for a psychological assessment.  In speaking with her family to advise them, it sounds like the condition that she’s suffering from has only surfaced recently and it’s quite a shock to the family.  It sounded like she had a lot of support from friends and family though, which it seems some days is a rare luxury for some of the people we deal with.

These two days served as a great reminder that we don’t just deal with bad guys and victims.  Assisting people with mental illness or psychological disorders is a big part of what we do.

Night shift #1

Tonight’s first call was a report of an assault.  The victim and his friend, both youth were on their way home when they got in a verbal altercation with an unknown male that was 18-20 years old.  The suspect ended up punching the victim in the face, knocking him out and breaking a tooth.  When the call went out my partner and I checked the area where the suspect was last seen quickly on the way to see the complainant.  We had other units scour the area and another officer meet the victim at the hospital.  We took some statements, broadcast a description in an attempt to locate the suspect.  We’re still working on identifying the suspect.

The night ended with a roll over MVI on the highway.  An SUV rolled and flipped at least 5 times before coming to rest right side up on the grassy shoulder.  The driver was very lucky and managed to walk to the ambulance. We ended up working an hour overtime as we cleared the crash scene.

Night shift #2

We kicked off the night with a call of a suspicious group of youth standing in a walkway that’s a known getaway for thieves stealing from the liquor store.  We’ve had several thefts at this specific location recently so we wanted to identify this group.  I setup outside the walkway and had a plain clothes unit go through the parking lot.  The female had just walked into the Liquor store with her hood up, when confronted by staff she ran back out.  We got them in the walkway.  The male was identified by staff and video as the suspect in previous thefts.  We arrested him for theft and processed him.  We now know who’s been responsible for the recent rash of thefts from this liquor store.

We spent the rest of the night making some traffic stops, responding to routine calls so my new partner could get more familiar with the systems.  He’ll be riding with someone in a different zone next block and I’m on vacation for 12 days!

2 thoughts on “A new platoon mate”

  1. Good stories Jim, but really; having lived in Delta for 30 yrs or so (give or take to the time I lived in Van) I dont feel that the real issues have been addressed. I know it is not easy dealing with the vermin of suburbia. But good job anyways. PS: What is the deal with the new school police sending the SWAT on nothing. Our tax dollars at work or what! Personally, I had a shotgun to my head for absolutely no legitimate reason because of a misunderstanding. (Sounds like a liability waiting to happen) Please make sure that you train your officers efficiently and responsibly. A little less agression would gain the community a little more respect. 😉 On a lighter note, I do find that the integration in our multiculturial community with officers that are bilingual is a wonderful idea. Bottom Line: Keep up the good work, over-aggression will never gain respect. As a small kid, the Delta Police were always my heroes! 🙂
    God Bless, Jillian

    1. Jillian,

      Without being there I wouldn’t want to speculate why you had such an experience with our officers. I can say that often we only have one side of the story initially and have to make decisions based on that, even knowing there’s another side that is potentially the polar opposite of what we’re told.

      I completely agree with you that working with the community and practicing respect and empathy are paramount, this is one of the reasons I’m happy to be writing this blog. The only thing I’ll say to that though is that sometimes we have to control a situation and at times come across as aggressive, unfortunately the community never gets the back story or the opportunity to understand why we had to.

      I appreciate your comments and feedback!

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