Animal cruelty

Afternoon Shifts

This block I worked our Charlie shift again.  It’s a nice change of pace to work with a partner once in a while, you get to pickup some tricks of trade and share some.

Last block we had several alcohol related calls and impaired drivers, this block revolved around animals, mental health and drugs.  The first two shifts of the block I dealt with 2 separate files involving cruelty to animals.  We also apprehended a young man who had a warrant issued under the Mental Health Act on day one.  On the second day we assisted patrol in locating a hypothermic person and apprehended him under the Mental Health Act before anything tragic could happen. Continue reading Animal cruelty

Human side to policing

Day shift #1

My first day shift began with the report of a fraud.  A family computer had been infected with a computer virus that allowed someone to retrieve the online banking password for the family.  Several items were bought online.  The day was mostly spent following up with various establishments.  We’re seeing several of these files a month right now and it really underlines the need for up to date anti-virus and security software on home computers. Continue reading Human side to policing

Plainclothes work

Afternoon Shifts

This block I worked on a project shift, 4 afternoons in a row in plain clothes with a partner called our Charlie shift.  Primarily we use this shift to conduct curfew checks, make outstanding warrant arrests, walk through the bars and conduct special projects suited for plain clothes detail.  We also support the patrol officers as it’s nice to be able to have a plain clothes unit for some calls. Continue reading Plainclothes work