Human side to policing

Day shift #1

My first day shift began with the report of a fraud.  A family computer had been infected with a computer virus that allowed someone to retrieve the online banking password for the family.  Several items were bought online.  The day was mostly spent following up with various establishments.  We’re seeing several of these files a month right now and it really underlines the need for up to date anti-virus and security software on home computers.

Day shift #2

My second day shift was a day that reminded me of the very human side of policing.  It began with coming across someone sleeping behind a building who had just been injecting heroin.  The used needles on the ground and in his belongings definitely pose a health hazard for the public.  He and I have had a couple chats in the past; it’s pretty obvious that most of the street level drug users become a victim to their drug.  Shortly after there was a report of a tragic incident involving someone attempting to take their own life and I was one of the initial officers on the scene.  As EHS took the person to hospital code 3, I attended the family home to break the news.  We had a solemn but brief discussion and the family was off to the hospital.  That afternoon I was dispatched to a report of an indecent act potentially involving a child that required being thoroughly investigated.  After a day like this, I really look forward to spending my swing shift day with family before night shift.

Night shifts

My two night shifts revolved around calls relating to alcohol.  I assisted a couple severely intoxicated people getting home safe to family.  In two separate instances I also arrested 2 people for impaired driving. One involved a motor vehicle accident and a brief foot chase to arrest the driver fleeing from the scene and the other was reported by the general public as they observed someone driving and called 911 believing they were impaired.  One driver may learn the hard way that ICBC can cancel insurance coverage for a collision if the driver is found to have a certain blood alcohol level.  Impaired driving investigations are quite complex and time consuming. They can take several officers off the road for some time in a shift.

The statistics tell us that impaired driving is dangerous to us all and has become socially unacceptable; as such we take these investigations very seriously.  If you believe someone on the road may be driving impaired call 911, if possible obtain the license plate number and direction of travel, we will follow it up.

I’m on our Charlie shift next block as a platoon mate had a scheduling conflict and needed someone to take their shift.  Our Charlie shift is a 2-officer unit that works a block of afternoon shifts on special priority projects.

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