Animal cruelty

Afternoon Shifts

This block I worked our Charlie shift again.  It’s a nice change of pace to work with a partner once in a while, you get to pickup some tricks of trade and share some.

Last block we had several alcohol related calls and impaired drivers, this block revolved around animals, mental health and drugs.  The first two shifts of the block I dealt with 2 separate files involving cruelty to animals.  We also apprehended a young man who had a warrant issued under the Mental Health Act on day one.  On the second day we assisted patrol in locating a hypothermic person and apprehended him under the Mental Health Act before anything tragic could happen.

The last two days of the block we had several dealings with people in possession of various drugs.  We also responded to a call of a barricaded suspect with a weapon.  As the only less lethal bean bag shotgun (“LLSG”) operator on shift at the time I responded and was the primary contact officer to locate and call out the suspect.  We are very fortunate to get great equipment and training so potentially dangerous situations can be handled well and come to a safe conclusion for everyone involved.  The subject in this file was also apprehended under the Mental Health Act and taken to a Doctor to assess his well being.

We ended the block with an on view attempt arson as a couple youth were bored and had nothing better to do than play with their lighters.  Fortunately for the property owner they did this as we drove by. As they say “idle hands are the devil’s playground”, teenagers need some amount of supervision and structured activity (and usually a reasonable curfew).

I’m on holidays next block, mixed with some training and then back to my regular shift the block after.

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