A narrow miss

Day shift #1

The day started out fairly routine with a theft of cell phone and a civil dispute.  Mid-afternoon an impaired driver narrowly missed a significant tragedy as his vehicle was launched off road and landed mere feet from a toddler.  The driver sustained some injuries as he’d elected not to wear his seat belt as well.  A platoon mate was first on scene and arrested the driver.  I attended to assist with witness statements.  The driver was injured enough that he ended up being taken to hospital and wasn’t able to provide a breath sample.  I’ve had some experience with blood demands at the hospital as an alternate means to collect a sample so I offered to stay and help guide my platoon mate through the process.  It seems that no matter how socially unacceptable drinking and driving has become, it’s still a major problem on the roads! Continue reading A narrow miss

Recovered stolen auto

Day shift #1

I spent the day gathering evidence for the fraud and identity theft file from last block.  I had a platoon mate present a photo pack line up to the two witnesses and the suspect was correctly identified.  Aside from covering for a few calls, it was a paper day to piece together the fraud file.

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Change of scenery

Day shift #1

We started the shift a little skinny on people with vacations, court time and illness.  I ended up working in a different zone to cover off and balance out the numbers.  It was a fairly routine day, we typically try not to hand larger files to members covering a zone to avoid having to run between zones for follow up.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable though, I took a call that appeared to be a simple theft that has turned into a full fraud and identity theft file.  I figured I’d be assigned to the zone for the whole block though so it was no issue.  It’s a nice change of scenery once in a while and a good chance to work with other platoon mates. Continue reading Change of scenery