Change of scenery

Day shift #1

We started the shift a little skinny on people with vacations, court time and illness.  I ended up working in a different zone to cover off and balance out the numbers.  It was a fairly routine day, we typically try not to hand larger files to members covering a zone to avoid having to run between zones for follow up.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable though, I took a call that appeared to be a simple theft that has turned into a full fraud and identity theft file.  I figured I’d be assigned to the zone for the whole block though so it was no issue.  It’s a nice change of scenery once in a while and a good chance to work with other platoon mates.

Day shift #2

Speaking of larger files, I was asked to take a sexual assault file today.  We take these types of file very seriously and it’s important to determine all of the information while staying unbiased.  We start by conducting audio and video recorded interviews.  The initial investigation had me tied up for the better part of the day.  I completely missed lunch, it’s a good thing I stock a handful of protein bars in my day pack sometimes!

Night shift #1

A gorgeous Saturday night means we’re a busy bunch!  For the better part of the night we were responding from call to call and everything from a robbery with weapon to alcohol fueled fights and noisy parties.  There was little time for follow up or paper work.  The night sure screamed by though.  Some of the UIGTF (Uniformed Integrated Gang Task Force) guys showed up for a call or two.

Night shift #2

A change from the previous night, it was still busy but I had some time for follow up.  I spent a little bit of time in another jurisdiction looking for a suspect from a previous file and liaised with a couple RCMP members that I know for information.  For a slower night, I still attended two mental health related calls where both subjects voluntarily went to the hospital for a psych assessment.

Overall it was a great block with a change of scenery and some interesting files.  On days off coming up I’ll be working 3 out of the 4 days assisting MIERT (Municipal Integrated Emergency Response Team) with a training exercise.  Attending training with these guys is a great way to pick up some new skills and keep others current.

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