Recovered stolen auto

Day shift #1

I spent the day gathering evidence for the fraud and identity theft file from last block.  I had a platoon mate present a photo pack line up to the two witnesses and the suspect was correctly identified.  Aside from covering for a few calls, it was a paper day to piece together the fraud file.

Day shift #2

The morning started with a request to attempt to locate a missing youth from another jurisdiction.  We were able to locate the youth and give her a ride back to the jurisdiction that was looking for her.  Around lunch time we got called to a disturbance in a public place where a female had threatened to kill herself and left the area.  I was able to locate the young lady who hadn’t been taking her medication regularly.  After a bit of a chat she conceded that she did, in fact, want to get back on her medication.  Family members arrived and they took her to the hospital for a voluntary assessment.  Immediately afterwards we had a report of a domestic where a female was destroying a house.  We arrived and located the female who’d done some significant damage to the house and was in the process of being diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder.  We found a safe place fr her to stay with some supervision for the night until she could see her doctor.

Night shift #1

I had a civilian ride along with a gentleman who is currently in the hiring process.  Overall it was an extremely slow night which would have been good for paper work but ended up being a poor night to have a ride along.  We did attend some suspicious circumstance calls and a disturbance between a landlord and tenant.

Night shift #2

Right out of the gate I was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle that had been parked in a neighborhood for over 7 days.  It turned out that it was a dumped stolen vehicle.  The vehicle was towed to a secure bay until our forensic identification service section (F.I.S.S.) could process it.  Later in the night there was a call of a male trying to fight family in the lobby of the hospital.  We arrived and located a heavily intoxicated male and after calming him down he allowed the Doctors to stitch his hand and cast his potentially broken wrist.  The family didn’t want him back at the house until he was sober so we had to locate some other family members to take him in.

Not a bad block but it was generally slow.

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