Silent cover

Callout shift

One of the platoons was short today so I worked an overtime shift to help out.  The shift began with a report of a missing and possibly suicidal person.  I attended the home, spoke to a close friend and began the investigation.  Based in the initial information we broadcast the person’s description and vehicle across the lower mainland.  Fortunately it turned out to be a misunderstanding and the person was located at work but on a different job site.  As I was clearing that report up we had a report of a residential break and enter where the home owner was home and confronted the suspect before the suspect fled.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate a vehicle that matched the description but luckily nothing was taken and no one was hurt.

Day shift #1

An elderly gentleman with memory loss was found at a local store and couldn’t remember how to get home.  I attended and found him with a hospital triage bracelet on.  We returned to the hospital where he was re-admitted and his family contacted.  Later in the afternoon we received multiple reports from motorists of a vehicle potentially being driven by an impaired driver.  I was able to locate the vehicle, observe erratic and unsafe driving and stop him roadside.  This led to another impaired driving investigation that took multiple officers off the road for a fair amount of time.

Day shift #2

We had a new graduate from the Police Academy start with our platoon this block.  Generally new graduates ride with another officer for the first block to get re-acquainted with the road.  Our new platoon mate was riding with me.  Reports of a vehicle over turned in a ditch interrupted briefing.  No one knew if there were any occupants trapped inside.  I arrived on scene and the vehicle looked abandoned.  There were fresh tire marks on the bare, early morning pavement that indicated the driver had been spinning the tires and doing doughnuts in the middle of the road that led to it ending up in the ditch.  We spent a fair amount of time trying to contact the registered owner to ensure no one was hurt. Later in the day the vehicle was reported stolen out of a neighboring city.

Night shift #1

I had a sinus/chest cold this block and ended up completely losing my voice for this shift.  Luckily our new platoon mate was riding with me.  We joked that I was just his silent cover.  Fortunately it was a fairly routine night, my partner spent time making traffic stops and getting more familiar with the area.

Night shift #2

I’d regained most of my voice and our new platoon mate had demonstrated his competency so he was thrown his own set of keys and sent off for his first solo shift.  This is a significant milestone for any new police officer.  I got some paper work completed in an attempt to save my voice for anything important.  One of our units came across an impaired driver so I covered him and assisted with the paper work for the investigation.  It’s been a busy set of blocks for impaired drivers.

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