Impaired getaway driver

Callout Shift

Another platoon was short staffed so I took a call out shift to help out.  I took a report of a found child’s bicycle in someone’s yard and was able to locate the rightful owner and return it.  Returning property to anyone is rewarding, returning it to a smiling child is especially rewarding.  Prior to lunch I was dispatched to a report of an assault and ended up tied up for most of the early afternoon taking statements and locating the suspect.  Shortly before the end of shift I saw an MVI take place on the highway.  Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

Charlie shift

I’m back on our Charlie shift this block.  I spent some time locating and arresting residents with outstanding warrants, checking curfews and on foot patrol in parks and high crime areas.  This was a fairly busy block with several members assisting the School Liaison Officers with Grad pranks taken too far.  We were able to identify several students involved in pranks that had the potential to be dangerous.

Two of the four shifts ran several hours late.  On one shift as I was heading back to gear down for the night we received a report of a mischief in progress and damage to property with several suspects leaving in a car.  I located and stopped the car with 5 suspects.  All were initially detained for investigation and during that I found that the driver was impaired by alcohol.  I arrested and processed the driver for driving while impaired, a platoon mate took the mischief file and arrested and processed several of the suspects from the car.

On another shift as I was about to gear down a report of a person attempting to commit suicide came in.  I rushed out and was first on scene.  The attempt was stopped and a brief struggle with an uncooperative person ensued.  We took the person into custody to prevent them from further harming themselves and apprehended them under the Mental Health Act.  A platoon mate went to hospital with them in the ambulance while I followed to ensure he had a ride back.

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