Border runners

Protestor Callout

The department was given a heads up that there was going to be a protest and rally in our area and called out for some additional members. We have a presence at protests to ensure that everyone is safe. As much as it’s our duty to keep the peace, it’s also our duty to ensure that members of the community can have legal, safe, non-violent protests. Fortunately the protest was civil and the crowd very pleasant.

Day shift #1

A routine day to catch up on paper work. Before I started as a Police officer, I had no appreciation for how much paperwork and reports go into criminal impaired driving investigations.

Day shift #2

Before lunch I had already completed two MVI investigations. Fortunately no one was seriously injured in either. In Delta we will attend every MVI that has injuries or property damage over $1,000. After lunch I was dispatched to a report of a shoplifter struggling with store staff. We arrived on scene, located and arrested the suspect. After clearing cells from the shoplifter a report of a fight with up to 5 males came across the radio. I located the first 3 and eventually we located the other 2 and took statements for an assault investigation

Night shift #1

Day shift had a fatal MVI and a serious investigation to deal with. On night shift we had some follow up to do to assist with the file. Later into the night it was quite windy so we had several false residential alarms. We also checked a suspicious vehicle and prevented an obvious theft of gasoline.

I work with some very dedicated people, we all know that those working don’t go home until the next shift shows up. With the fatal MVI and the serious investigation that the deceased and their family deserve, the main highway towards our headquarters was shut down for several hours. The secondary routes had become parking lots as rush hour progressed. This meant a platoon mate and I who are usually first to arrive were sitting in traffic, engines off about 200m from each other. I decided I wasn’t going to be late and ended up parking my car on the shoulder of the highway, he saw and followed suit. We safely crossed the highway, through a field and jumped a ditch to the other highway that was closed a kilometer down the road to re-route traffic. Taxi’s couldn’t get to us in time so we jogged until a free day shift member was able to pick us up and get us to HQ in plenty of time to relieve the day shift. Some days we just have to make things work and think outside the box.

Night shift #2

A weekend night with heavy rain will generally keep the bad guys inside. We did however setup containment after a report of a border jumper coming up from Point Roberts. Our K9 was able to track to where the suspect ditched their backpack and outer layer of clothing but then ran back across into the US. The Department of Homeland Security guys weren’t about to let that go and gave chase. Immediately after that call I went to a B&E in progress where we caught the suspect and then right off to a bar fight. The night ended up coming to a calm conclusion.

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