Cardiac arrest

Afternoon shift #1

I worked the Charlie shift again this block and it was quite busy.  The shift started out fairly routine and we covered some patrol calls.  While clearing from one, I noticed a suspicious male walking around a vehicle.  Upon checking him we came across some drugs and stolen property in his vehicle.  We arrested him, took him to cells to book in, photograph and fingerprint then release with a court date.

We’ve had several strong arm robberies lately that have occurred in parks after dark so one of our priorities was foot patrols in the park.  We checked several parks, came across some youth and had some scatter on us in one park.  In an effort to get the robberies under control we’ll be taking a zero tolerance approach to people in parks after dark, especially with alcohol.

In between curfew checks we were stopping suspicious vehicles and came across one that was out making a delivery for a “dial-a-dope” line.  Both occupants were arrested for Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking and the drugs seized.

Afternoon shift #2

The beginning of shift I spent some time following up on a lead regarding some drug trafficking locally and writing an Intelligence file to document the information.  One of our practices in Delta is intelligence-led policing.  It’s important for us to gather intelligence, verify as much as possible and document for our analysts.  I find this aspect of the job quite interesting however due to the nature of on going investigations I won’t be able to discuss any of it here.

As it got dark we started to get calls for youth drinking and partying.  Other officers the night before dealt with an assault and people being bear sprayed at a beach party, in an effort to prevent similar issues we took a zero tolerance approach to beach parties tonight and moved several groups of people off the beach and had fires extinguished.  We spent several hours dealing with noise complaints from house parties and parks.  The vast majority of people that move on from a party broken up are generally good, unfortunately some choose to either cause a disturbance or, in some cases, damage property as they move along.  We have to find a balance of allowing parties to continue respecting the neighbourhood and having to shut them down and move people along.

In the early hours of the morning we were called to a structure fully engulfed in flames.  Once the fire was out we had to hold the scene and allow arson investigators to conduct their investigation.

Afternoon shift #3

My partner and I were in plain clothes tonight and driving an unconventional police car.  At the beginning of the shift we continued following up on the intelligence file that was started yesterday.  It was otherwise quite a busy night and we spent the majority of the shift covering patrol and responding to calls.

One particular party we were called to had to be shut down as there were reports there was a possible fight going to break out.  As we were responding to other calls party-goers returned and the inevitable fight did break out ending up with someone being assaulted with a beer bottle and needing to go to hospital.  Seeing this happen is why we try and find an appropriate balance between letting parties quiet down and continue or shutting them down.

We ended the shift with a report of a possible break and enter into a large commercial premise.  We contained the property and had a K9 on scene to search it.  Fortunately it turned out to be a false alarm.

Afternoon shift #4

Our last shift of the block was one that really demonstrated the range of calls that we will respond to on any given shift.  As a two person unit, we were asked to assist with transporting a female with violent mental health issues in an ambulance to another hospital, my partner would ride with her as I followed.  While we were getting ready to transport a report of a young man in full cardiac arrest came in and I was the closest unit.  I got on scene just as Delta Fire personnel did.  Fire fighters were able to use an AED (automatic external defibrillator) and regain a normal heart rhythm.  I had to briefly interview witnesses while trying to control the scene until other officers arrived.  While there was no obvious criminal element to the event, we will always start an investigation on scene until it is ruled out.  With so many people around we have to find a balance of allowing loved ones to be close to the patient and having enough room for the first responders to do their jobs.  It’s inevitable that we’ll step on some toes but in the end it’s for the patient’s best interest.  The young man and his family were taken to hospital where he was stabilized and then transported to Children’s Hospital.  I headed to the other hospital to pick up my partner from the original transport request.

Shortly after we cleared the hospital we were called to a home where a young man had attempted to take his own life.  We apprehended him under the Mental Health Act and assisted EHS with transport and got family to the hospital to be with him while he was stabilized.  For the second time this shift by partner rode in an ambulance as I followed.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we also dealt with a call where a gentleman was upset over the customer service he had received making a purchase and would not leave the premise until he spoke to police about it.  This gentleman deserved to have his issue addressed no different than anyone else and it’s our responsibility to ensure that certain stress from other types of calls not affect his service.  One thing I do find fascinating about our job is that we must go from one type of call, change mental gears and go to the next.

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