Just a bandage

Day shift #1

With summer break starting a lot of people are taking time off and leaving town on vacation.  No different for my platoon mates so we’re down a couple bodies but luckily so is Delta as a whole.  First day shift was calm, a chance to tidy up on some paper work and follow ups.

I assisted the local hospital with a well known mental health patient who was quite calm and recognized me from a couple blocks ago.  We work so much with other emergency services that also work shift work that we get to know the paramedics, fire fighters, nursing staff and doctors.  Apparently I’m suppose to bring cookies in for the nursing staff next time I’m in the hospital, I warned them they didn’t want my home baking though so I’ve been told that, in my case, store bought are acceptable!

Day shift #2

I covered in our other zone today and it was fairly steady.  We kicked the day off with a residential alarm.  When we got on scene, someone was just coming out of the house.  We found out he was a neighbour and the home owner was out of town.  He had the right alarm code but missed the disarm button.  We double checked the alarm and wished him luck as he was replacing toilets for his neighbour while she was away.  It’s great to still see that sense of community and neighbours helping each other and keeping an eye on things.

I had a few calls today assisting EHS which turned out to be the theme of our 2 day shifts.  One of note was a little boy who has autism had his routine broken and was having an outburst.  The family had called for EHS as he’d cut his hand on some glass and they requested we attend with them.  I got on scene before EHS and he’d already been calmed down by his parents.  I talked to him a little bit, got a smile and I offered to look at his cut before the ambulance arrived.  Luckily it was a small cut that just required a bandage so I took care of it for him and stood EHS down.  A stressful afternoon for the parents but we left on a happy note.

Night shift #1

I was covering in our other zone again and we had a pretty steady night.  Checked on a couple abandoned 911 calls talked to some youth that reportedly caused some property damage and made some traffic stops looking for impaired drivers.

We had 2 reports of domestic disputes in progress.  One turned out to be a neighbour & landlord/tenant dispute that we resolved civilly.  The other resulted in the arrest of an intoxicated male to prevent an offense.  While en route to cells he began to complain of severe chest pains so my platoon mate stopped roadside and called for EHS, I arrived and assessed him before EHS and Fire got on scene.  He was ultimately transported to hospital by EHS and admitted for observation.

Night shift #2

We kicked the night off sitting down together in the zone with a quick coffee that was interrupted by report of a domestic assault in progress.  We arrived on scene, separated the parties and began figuring out what had happened.  A lot of times when we get on scene things aren’t exactly as they were reported.  We arrive with limited information, act on it and begin to sort things out.  This time we determined there was no assault, no offense and one of the parties was intoxicated.  We had a family member take the intoxicated party in for the night and left without making an arrest.

Aside from a couple minor calls and a platoon mate coming across an MVI with no injuries I spent the night making traffic stops, looking for unsafe or impaired drivers.  Unfortunately a couple drivers were reminded with violation tickets to drive safe however I’m happy to report I didn’t come across any impaired drivers.

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