Armed domestic

Callout shift

One of our platoons was short for their Charlie shift so I took an afternoon shift to help out on days off. Unlike most Charlie shifts I was working alone as my partner for the night had a recruit so they were already paired up.

As i got signed in a report of a suspicious male came in and other units were dispatched to it. They located the male with a stolen lawnmower going door to door offering to cut grass. I was driving an unmarked truck so I swung by to transport the lawnmower into exhibits as evidence and to get it returned to the owner.

From there I covered another unit for a road rage complaint where one of the parties was briefly arrested in order to sort things out.

I took a few routine calls and later into the evening stopped a car for driving without their lights on. The car was full of tools used for Break and Enters and it turned out the passenger had a warrant for his arrest. The passenger was arrested, transported to cells and booked in. After writing the report my shift came to an end.

Day shift #1

I was scheduled for afternoon traffic court so I spent a brief period in the morning preparing my notes and evidence. I responded to a motor vehicle accident and then headed off to court.

None of my disputants wished to take their matter to trial and I cleared court mid afternoon.

Day shift #2

I was scheduled in criminal court all day for an arrest from 2011. I had a good chat with the primary witness prior to our meeting with crown counsel and it was great to hear how happy he was as a resident with the service our police department has been providing him.

After court I was able to get some follow up on other files completed.

Night shift #1

The night started out taking a harassing phone calls compliant. With the nature of the complaint I needed to follow up face to face with the subject. I ended up in another jurisdiction and located him.

I made some traffic stops, took a couple routine calls and while eating dinner was dispatched to a domestic in progress. The investigation is still under way but we ended up arresting one of the parties for having a stolen, restricted handgun with ammunition. I spent the rest of shift writing the show cause report for the bail hearing in the morning.

Guns in the wrong hands pose a serious risk to public safety and we take these calls very seriously. We’re happy to have a gun, some other prohibited weapons and drugs off the street with this arrest!

Night shift #2

The shift began with a call to the cell block to assist with a prisoner who was having a medical issue. Once stabilizing him the fire department and EHS attended. The male was transported to hospital and I spent the majority of the shift guarding him at hospital.

A couple platoon mates were kind enough to cover me at the hospital so I could get some dinner and on my second break I came across an impaired driver that was already prohibited from driving from a previous impaired charge.  They lost their car for 30 days, have a new prohibition on top of the old one that will cost even more to get their license back and were arrested and will have to attend court for driving while prohibited.  The entire time the driver was in the back seat of my police car they continued to tell me how they weren’t actually impaired and were able to function well enough to drive.  Unfortunately this is one of those times where you know someone won’t be taking responsibility for their actions and they’ve already demonstrated their inability to follow the law and keep everyone else safe.

Training Day

On days off this block I’ve organized a firearms training day for the platoon.  We’ll be at the range practicing, I’ll be running everyone through some drills and doing some team building for the day.  I’m looking forward to it!

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