Halloween weekend

Seized inappropriate/illegal items to be carrying in public.

Callout Shift

I worked a callout shift again with another platoon the day before our block started. The first call of note for the day came in as a missing child. As I got on scene we learned that the missing person was a non-verbal autistic child (he didn’t speak) and had gone missing near large fields, ditches and some brush with a few buildings. I requested K9 and Air1 to help knowing the sooner he’s found the safer he’ll be. We couldn’t get helicopter support with the low cloud ceiling so we were left to a ground search and K9 was coming. A short time later he was found hiding by some of the people that had begun helping search for him and was safe.

The rest of the day was fairly calm and I dealt with a few minor motor vehicle collisions. The rainy season has begun and some people are remembering the hard way to leave more distance and slow down in the poor weather.

Day shift #1

The first call out of the gate was for vandalism and theft from 2 wheelchair equipped vans that belong to a non-profit society that serves the community. This kind of crime is petty and disgusting. The society has to raise funds to pay for smashed glass and a stolen first aid kit.

The rest of the day I had a couple routine calls and spent some time doing some follow up on one of the files I’d generated on the first night shift of the Missing persons block.

Day shift #2

We received a call of someone trespassing on private property that turned out to be a lengthy civil dispute. An ex-employee who was owed money by a formed employer had shown up with a letter for his employer and the employer refused to take it and told the ex-employee to leave. In a dispute of this matter our hands are tied, the dispute is over a civil contract, legally/criminally there isn’t anything we can do. I tried to discuss the options and proper course of action with the employee and explained to the employer his financial responsibilities. In the end it sounded like it would get sorted out sooner than later.

The rest of the day was fairly calm, I was able to make some traffic stops and at one point came across a person with a warrant for his arrest. He was unaware there was a warrant for him and thought he and his lawyer had worked everything out, unfortunately there was still an issue. Unexpectedly ending up in jail will ruin anyone’s day. Fortunately the young man realized it stemmed from his poor judgement and was entirely respectful and cooperative with me. Once in cells I made several phone calls for him to let his family and work know where he was so they didn’t worry and his employer could cover for him. There’s no requirement for us to do this for anyone in custody, if someone is reasonable with me, there’s no reason I can’t be with them.

Night shift #1

It’s Saturday night on Halloween weekend. The night started off slow..

Just after grabbing this evening’s coffee I had a call of a man passed out at the bar in a restaurant. I arrived, staff showed he’d only had a half a beer and hey couldn’t wake him up. It took more effort than I’d ever had to use before to wake someone up so I requested EHS and fire to check him out medically. Once I got him woken up I realized he was deaf and mute. We started to communicate with a pen and paper and when EHS and fire personnel showed up we worked through his medical assessment this way. Once he was cleared medically I figured out where he lived and drove him home. His deaf/mute roommate was home and I briefly explained what had happened and left him in the care of his roommate.

Shortly after clearing from that the Halloween weekend calls started to pour in. A report of 2 males walking around with baseball bats came in. We located them, checked them and ended up arresting them based on the circumstances and other information we’d received. Ultimately they had made a poor set of decisions, were minors and had no real prior interaction with the police so they were released to their parents.

A shift mate and I tried to grab some take out pizza for dinner but even that was interrupted by a report of a bar fight across the street. We got on scene and took the instigators into custody without anyone being seriously hurt.

From the bar fight we were called to another bar for a robbery. My platoon mate talked with the victim and we located the suspect, arrested him and while dealing with that had a report of a home invasion in progress 2 blocks away. I left the robbery call, headed to the home invasion and we took the suspect into custody as he was struggling with the home owner on the rear balcony. Once that was all sorted out I was off to cells with the suspect from the robbery.

Once clear of cells we had a report of a prowler come in. I headed towards it and the caller updated saying there was now a male growling at her backdoor. K9, the Sgt and I all got on scene and located a very intoxicated male leaking green body paint everywhere. I suppose at some point in the night he was “The Hulk”, now he was just the cold, wet, drunk, lost, guy growling at people’s doors. He said he was just walking home from a party in the area. Seemingly harmless, I drove him home and had to wake up his parents to ensure they knew he was home and drunk.

An hour later a shift mate found the Hulk’s truck crashed into a tree a kilometre away. We’ll never know who was driving.

Aside from that I attended a couple loud party calls and had a couple traffic stops in there. It was a busy night.

Night shift #2

Compared to the night before it was quiet. A Sunday night with most recovering from the night prior. I took a report of someone selling illegal fireworks on Facebook, a theft from a local Starbucks and a couple routine traffic stops.

I did deal with an unwanted guest in someone’s home. He and his friend had been invited over, had too much to drink and some of the details were unclear but somehow he’d ended up hitting his head on a table and splitting his eyebrow open. There was no evidence of an assault. I walked he and his friend out and had an ambulance called to check his forehead and general well being. EHS told him he needed stitches so he agreed to go with them to the hospital, sober up and get his stitches.

Next block I’m on the Charlie shift so I’ll be working afternoons with a partner.

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  1. Jim – love your blog – great idea, and I’m pleased to see that you’re one of Delta’s finest. Keep up the good work and keep writing about it!

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