Thin blue line

With the untimely passing of Surrey RCMP’s Cst. Adrian Oliver and the recent memorial service I was asked by someone not related to the law enforcement field why the memorial service was such a significant event. This person meant no disrespect at all and it is a good question for those with no relation to the profession. I started to wonder how best to explain it. I attended the funeral having only ever possibly met Cst. Oliver in passing.

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Dayshift #1

This block brought the unfortunate conclusion to the Missing persons investigation that I began at the end of September.  After a few routine calls we received a call that a boat had located what they believed to be a body in the Fraser river.  The Canadian Coast Guard assisted and sent their Hovercraft.  We boarded the Hovercraft and set out to recover the body.

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Controlled detonation

Charlie Shift

This block I worked the charlie shift and aside from our standard activities of checking curfews, attempting to locate people with warrants for their arrest and focussing on the priorities set by the management team I had a few unique calls so I thought I’d write this block’s post a little differently.

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