That’s a wrap for 2012

Well ladies and gentlemen, this will be the last post for 2012, the first year for this blog. December has been fairly short on updates, it’s been a busy month both at work and at home with the family.


On the home front, we’ve added a new member to our family with the adoption of Major. A 5 month old German Shepard mix that we fell in love with at the Delta Community Animal Shelter. My wife has never had a dog, and our boys are still pretty young so it’s been a bit of an adjustment but Major is settling in very well and is a part of our family. He’s as goofy as our boys are with the energy to match!

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Day shift #1

I spent most of the morning tracking down the driver and registered owner of a vehicle involved in a hit & run collision. Fortunately no one was hurt but one driver made the decision not to take responsibility for their actions. A witness was able to get the license plate number and description of everyone in the vehicle. I found the vehicle a little while later and the driver and registered owner received multiple violation tickets as well as being mentioned in the collision report to ICBC.

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Patrol Tactics Training

After a block of holidays I spent a week training with 5 days of core patrol tactics. The core patrol tactics course is a total of 10 days tactical training for patrol. We are very fortunate to get the level and amount of training that we do. Our training section and those that support them are phenomenal. I can’t say enough good things about them, they are experts in their field and are passionate that the first responders in Delta are prepared to respond to anything. From the top down we know we have to respond to everything and the only way to do that effectively is with proper equipment and relevant training.

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