Day shift #1

I spent most of the morning tracking down the driver and registered owner of a vehicle involved in a hit & run collision. Fortunately no one was hurt but one driver made the decision not to take responsibility for their actions. A witness was able to get the license plate number and description of everyone in the vehicle. I found the vehicle a little while later and the driver and registered owner received multiple violation tickets as well as being mentioned in the collision report to ICBC.

During the afternoon another agency got a report of a male hitting a female outside of a business and a license plate was also provided. The owner of the vehicle lives in Delta so we were requested to check the home, we did and located the vehicle. A short time later, after obtaining witness statements, I assisted a member of the other agency in arresting the male for assault.

Day shift #2

It was a fairly routine day with some time to catch up on paper work and get some pro-active policing in. The afternoon we had a call of a domestic assault during an argument between mother and son. The teenage son was striving for his independence but going about it the wrong way. I took some time to talk with him, I’m hoping at least part of the message I was trying to give him got through.

Night shift #1

I had come across some information relating to a student in one of our schools that needed to be addressed, I’d let their school liaison officer know and we decided on a potential course of action. The student has actually been following my blog and I’m certain never expected me to interrupt their evening at home. We had a long discussion about the consequences of their decisions and what it meant for their future aspirations. They have some hard work ahead to correct some serious mistakes. Only time will tell.

The later half of my evening was consumed taking another impaired driver off the roads. I came across him on a quiet residential road as he swerved right in front of me and came to a stop, then just about crashed through a roundabout as I got turned around to pull him over. He told me he never drinks, and wasn’t a bad guy. I tried to explain the potential consequences of poor decisions, I don’t think he got it, he’d had too much to drink. I hope when he goes over all of the paperwork sober he realizes that he was lucky no one got hurt.

Night shift #2

On my way to work tonight I stopped to get some gas in a neighbouring city. As I was gassing up I saw a police officer get into a struggle trying to arrest someone on the sidewalk. I immediately ran over, identified myself and helped take the person into custody without anyone getting hurt. The on duty officer’s backup arrived just as we were putting the person into the back of his police car. As a police officer we’re never truly off duty, I know he’d do the same for me.

I had an unusual ride along for most of the shift, a camera man from Delta Cable. I’ve never really been on camera before, especially on watching me work. It was quite an interesting experience. We made several traffic stops looking for impaired drivers. I had one driver tell me “Are you kidding me? Everyone knows not to drink and drive on weekend nights!” The optimist in me says it’s great that the message is strong for 2 of the 7 nights of the week..

On top of the traffic stops my ride along and I attended a break and enter with a brief dog track and a domestic dispute.

Call out shift

I worked a call out shift for another platoon to fill in for a shortage. It was a fairly steady night. I assisted with an intoxicated bicyclist that had crashed and was taken to hospital by EHS. We attended a bar fight, a bar ejection and a few noisy party complaints. I checked one of our notorious property crime suspects as he walked down the street in the early hours of the morning, hoping to prevent any crime for the night.

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