Winter Driving PSA

Road closed for over turned vehicle in the ditch ahead
Road closed for over turned vehicle in the ditch ahead

As we’re well entrenched in the rainy winter weather that we’ve all come to know and love in the Lower Mainland, I thought I’d try and remind everyone of some winter driving issues.

Turn your lights on.

Even during the day, with the grey skies, lower natural light, rain on windshields and spray from other vehicles the visibility is greatly decreased. Please turn your lights on (and ensure all the bulbs are working) to increase your visibility.

That increased visibility may provide the extra split second someone needs to avoid a collision.

Look through your turns.

Recently there’s been a few pedestrians struck (some with significant injuries). When turning through an intersection look through your turn and make sure the crosswalk you’re about to drive through is empty. A lot of people neglect to do this and typically subconsciously rely on their peripheral vision to alert them to movement beside them which works (but still isn’t good practice) on clear sunny days. This is even more critical when turning into parking lots or side streets and your turn involves crossing a sidewalk.

You should always look through your turn and ensure it’s clear.

Slow down.

With reduced visibility and slippery conditions your reactionary gap needs to increase. Slow down, leave more space and make sure that you’re visible.

Remember snow and ice are slippery.

It seems the first ice or snow that we get always results in a significant increase in collisions. Don’t wake up, grab your cup of coffee, run out the door and set your autopilot on driving to work. Engage your brain and remember as conditions change so does your driving.

Do not drink and drive.

This is a common theme on this blog. The holiday season is upon us, please don’t drink and drive. We will find you, we will charge you, take away your car and your drivers license and cost you an awful lot of money. Don’t put your safety or the public’s safety at risk, it’s not worth it.

Drive Safe!

One thought on “Winter Driving PSA”

  1. So glad you mentioned lights – so many people drive with their lights on Auto and they are hard to see on gloomy days when their tail lights are not on. Also, snow tires are a good investment even if the roads are just cold and wet.

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