Protecting yourself from Scams

In Viewers choice Cheryl Martyn mentioned the Microsoft scam that’s popped up again. I thought I’d try and address telephone/email scams in a general sense and give everyone some thoughts and tools to assist themselves.

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Where was I?

My work this block revolved around one call. While it wasn’t the only call I had it was, without a doubt, the most significant this week.

One of the challenges with this blog and keeping the information relevant and current is that sometimes investigations go on for months and can’t be discussed in that time. Instead of boring you with “it was a routine block, I’ve got an ongoing investigation that I can’t talk about” I figured I’d address a set of questions I heard a couple times this block and most police officers hear often; “Where were you?” or “Don’t you have better things to do than write tickets?” or “Why don’t you go arrest a murderer?”.

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Viewers choice

Welcome to 2013 and right now I’m about 30 shift diary entries into this blog. Since March 2012 I’ve tried to give some insight into what the average officer assigned to patrol does day to day. The feedback to date has been very positive however we haven’t really had a lot of dialog get started.

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Hospital visits

Day shift #1

Landing the Air Ambulance in a parking lot.
Landing the Air Ambulance in a parking lot.

I had a Reserve Constable (“R/Cst.”) out for the day shift and right out of the gate the shift gets called to a house fire, Delta Fire was already on scene and have a critically injured patient. My assignment was to setup a landing zone for the air ambulance in order to facilitate rapid transport. My reserve was part of the 2012 class and only has a handful of shifts under their belt so it was something new for them. We had a couple units with us to ensure the parking lot is shutdown and safe to land in but the majority of our shift was assisting with traffic control and the initial investigation into the house fire. We took continuity of the patient and once transferred into the helicopter we headed to Vancouver General Hospital.

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