Late nights

Mischief to a vehicle in driveway.
Mischief to a vehicle in driveway.

This block we worked the weekend leading up to Valentines day. The weekend before any sort of holiday or event tends to be busy as some people take the opportunity to celebrate on the weekend. I also worked a modified Charlie shift only having a partner for 1 of the 4 shifts.


Prior to the block starting a platoon was short and I worked a callout night shift with them. Right out of briefing I was dispatched to a file that would consume a fair amount of my time and after the up coming block would see me assigned to another section temporarily. With the investigation still on-going I can’t put much out now but stay tuned for a media release in the coming weeks or month.

After clearing from the initial report we had reports of 2 break and enters in progress back to back. A significant portion of the shift responded to both, setup on them and both turned out to be false.

In the early hours of the morning I watched a car almost end up in a ditch after mis-judging a turn. Turns out the driver and all occupants were intoxicated. Another impaired driver taken off the road. Another case of an impaired driver putting their passengers/friends and the public at risk. There’s no excuse.

Afternoon Shift #1

The shift began with 3 back to back arrests. The first was a shoplifter who was released on scene. We then arrested a person with an outstanding warrant and transported them to cells to be held for a bail hearing. After clearing cells and getting back to our zone we were dispatched to a domestic assault in progress, made entry into a house and arrested one of the occupants. We transported them to cells and completed the reports for the rest of shift.

Afternoon Shift #2

I was without a partner for this shift as my partner from the previous shift ended up as the acting Sergeant for the night. It was a calm, quiet night and I was able to get a fair amount of paper work and investigative follow up done.

Afternoon Shift #3

I was without a Police partner for the shift as our Human Resources section had arranged a civilian ride along for part of the night. Prior to my ride along’s arrival I was dispatched to a report of a suicidal male. I know I’ve mentioned it previously, we deal with a significant amount of calls that involve mental health and illness. The consumers of our Mental Health services will tell you there’s a significant gap in services and resources for those faced with dealing with a mental health disorder. I’d dealt with the individual in this case a few times previously and we had a good chat while waiting to arrange his transport to the hospital.

Once I cleared I headed to sit in on the tail end of night shift’s briefing and pickup my Ride along. The evening began quite tame and I had time to introduce my ride along to our equipment, the computer system and we chatted about policing in general as we patrolled and made a couple traffic stops.

One of our members broadcast that on routine patrol he’d seen a pedestrian with what appeared to be a weapon, when attempting to stop and check, the pedestrian ran. We all attended to setup containment and K9 attempted a track for the suspect. The suspect was tracked into a housing complex in Surrey (a neighbouring city). The track was lost and the Surrey RCMP were informed.

While on scene we had a report of a large fight outside of a high school. I cleared from my containment post to respond to the fight. The first officer on scene reported several people getting into a vehicle and fleeing. I ended up locating the vehicle and detained the occupants while other members arrived on scene to assess injuries and determine who the suspects were. In the end no one was arrestable and the youth I had detained were taken home to their parents.

My ride along and I responded to a couple more routine calls and then were dispatched to a fight in progress as a local bar was closing. We arrested one of the parties and transported them to cells.

As it was getting into the early hours of the morning the ride along came to and end and my civilian partner for the night was dropped off and my shift was also coming to an end. As I was heading back to the office to turn in, another officer was making an impaired driving arrest. As I was the only Qualified Technician working I offered to extend my shift and assist with the impaired investigation.

The driver ended up providing breath samples that were 3 times the legal limit! In dealing with them in cells there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were in no condition to be behind the wheel. As usual, while that intoxicated, they did not comprehend the jeopardy they put themselves or the public in. We completed the investigation just under 3 hours past the end of my shift.

Afternoon Shift #4

We were called to respond to a family home by parents to assist with their adult child who had recently moved back in with them but had a mental health issue and a drug problem. We ended up having to apprehend their child under the mental health act and transport them to hospital. I spoke with the parents after and they could also tell a story about how there’s a gap in our mental health system and a lack of support.

After clearing from that call I was dispatched to another home to assist with a mother/daughter domestic in which both were quite intoxicated. One of the parties had to be arrested and transported to cells.

I had a chance to conduct some patrols and ended up talking to a couple people who had some information about a bad guy that was squatting in an unoccupied home. I spoke with the home owner who confirmed that no one should be in the house and provided a key and gave us permission to enter and search the house.

After talking with our Sergeant I called one of our K9 officers and setup a plan with a few more officers to safely contain the home and make entry. Once our plan was setup and resources in place we made entry into the home and searched it. There was definite evidence that people had recently been inside it and the rear door was propped open so it wouldn’t lock. The person we were looking for wasn’t inside but we knew who they were.

It was a great small project from getting information, setup a plan and make legal entry to search for a known bad guy. Our plan was executed well with great team work and a safe search. There were only 2 snags; The bad guy had already left and I locked my keys in the truck! In the end my truck got unlocked and the bad guy was arrested a few days later.

After securing the house and ensuring the keys were returned I was dispatched to another fight in progress at a bar. One more person was arrested this block and taken to cells.

I assisted with a mischief in progress when neighbours called in someone smashing a vehicle in a driveway.

As my shift came to an end we had a report of a home invasion and the suspect had just left. I was first on scene and determined it was a convoluted story involving a break and enter and theft of vehicle in Surrey, and a minor assault in Delta. We took multiple witness statements and dealt with the minor assault. I was able to locate the stolen vehicle in Surrey and setup containment until other Delta and Surrey RCMP members attended. We handed the investigation over to Surrey once they had resources on scene and I headed back to the office several hours after the end of my shift again.

One thought on “Late nights”

  1. Hi Jim,
    It is very likely those not regularly involved in police work would think what an adventurous block to have and funny that for me, it sounds like the average week! 🙂 Glad all came through unscathed and appropriate bad guys were put in jail.
    Something else that is notable is the very close connection between substance abuse, mental health issues and domestic violence, including child abuse. Unfortunately, this seems to be a never ending cycle.

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