Another barricade

Deployed 12ga Less lethal Bean bags
Deployed 12ga Less lethal Bean bags

Day shift #1

Our recruit rode with me for the day, we took some routine calls and I let her deal with all of the complainants and subjects.  She’s almost ready to head back to the Academy for her Block III training phase.

Day shift #2

The day started out rather routine with an MVI first thing in the morning where no one was injured.  After I cleared the collision I had a traffic stop that landed me a little bit of drug intel.  We had a report of a domestic dispute between a couple people walking down the street.  The complainant didn’t see an assault but was concerned the yelling may escalate.  We located the couple a ways down the road and ensured all was okay and once satisfied there wouldn’t be an assault we sent the couple on their way.

We had a robbery with a weapon the night before so I spent a good part of my afternoon in the area canvassing for video.  It’s amazing how much we are on video these days.  Several businesses in the area had video surveillance.  Upon going over the footage, unfortunately none of the angles gave us any more clues than we already had.

As I cleared from the video canvass our Sergeant stopped a vehicle and it turned out the passenger had a warrant for their arrest.  I covered him and transported the passenger to cells to be photographed, fingerprinted and lodged waiting for a hearing with a judge.

Night shift #1

Right out of briefing I attended a family home, their adult son who was not welcome at the home was passed out on their lawn.  Their son suffers from a mental health illness and a severe drug addiction.  The family obviously loves him but refuses to support his drug habit and he’d turned up asking for money.  After determining the son wasn’t a risk to himself or others, I drove him home.

We had a 911 call from a child in a home as her parents were fighting.  A platoon mate and I were first on scene and diffused a very heated argument.  As there was no assault no one was arrested but in order to prevent the potential escalation we separated the couple for the night to let cooler heads prevail.

Just as we were about to clear from the domestic, we overheard 2 platoon mates including our recruit were out at another house a couple blocks away and a young man with mental health issues, a drug habit, a warrant for his arrest and weapons had just barricaded himself in his basement suite with the tenants upstairs still home.

We arrived and I assisted with the evacuation of upstairs tenants and secured the upstairs suite.  My primary task was to provide overwatch for the team negotiating with the young man inside who was visibly drinking and smoking crack cocaine.  At one point the young man made an error in judgement and came outside towards Police brandishing a knife, he was struck with a pair of less lethal bean bag shotgun rounds to deter him from making a further, irreversible mistake.  After several long hours our Emergency Response Team (ERT) was deployed with highly trained negotiators and team members.  We obtained a warrant to enter the house and arrest the young man and the barricade was ended without any further injury to anyone.  Once again, without the training and equipment we have access to, this situation may have ended with tragedy.

I took on the task of clearing the residence and seizing all of the exhibits on scene after the young man was medically cleared and transported to cells.

Night shift #2

We began the night with some paper work clean up from the previous shift and a team debrief.  As a platoon, and a tight knit team, we debrief large files every time in an effort to constantly improve.  Inevitably we discover and discuss things we learned and things we did well.

The rest of the night was rather routine until a 911 call that a homeowner was witnessing someone breaking into their car.  We all headed into the area, coordinating on the fly setting up containment (or a human net) to surround and locate the suspect.  One of our platoon mates found the suspect and with a brief foot chase he was taken into custody.

With the thief in handcuffs we began working as a team to work through the investigation.  We took photographs, statements and found that the thief had broken into several cars, stolen a bicycle and a broken into a home.   A great bit of team work and a great catch to finish off the block.

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