That’s not your ID

Weapon-6Day shift #1

The shift revolved around a single call. In the morning I was dispatched to a report of an aggressive panhandler outside of a business. As I got out to speak with him, he became very nervous. Much to the bystanders surprise, my approach with him went from calm and professional to hands on and very direct in a split second.

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2013 Student Police Academy

I had the opportunity to help out with this year’s Student Police Academy and teach the students drill as well I was the parade commander for their graduation parade.  We had an exceptional 24 students turn out this year.

As you’ll see in the video Cst. Pitcairn describes the hiring process for police as a marathon. He’s correct!  It’s quite a lengthy process but in the end it’s for a fantastic 30 year career.

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The hit & run that wasn’t

Single vehicle MVI
Single vehicle MVI

Day shift #1

The day shift was primarily a routine paperwork & catch up day.  I did attend a couple routine calls and bylaw complaints.  The Municipality of Delta’s Bylaws can be found by clicking here.  The two main Bylaw complaints that tie up Police resources are residential noise (house parties and barking dogs) and construction noise (outside of permissible hours).

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