2013 Student Police Academy

I had the opportunity to help out with this year’s Student Police Academy and teach the students drill as well I was the parade commander for their graduation parade.  We had an exceptional 24 students turn out this year.

As you’ll see in the video Cst. Pitcairn describes the hiring process for police as a marathon. He’s correct!  It’s quite a lengthy process but in the end it’s for a fantastic 30 year career.

For me participating with these different programs that we offer is a reminder that we have some very positive things happening in the community.  On patrol we deal with a lot of negativity.  We help victims, we arrest bad guys and sometimes can briefly forget about the good that’s out there.  Watching these 24 students learn, grow as a team and see them as the next potential community leaders is great!

The Delta Police School Liaison team put a lot of time into the 2 weeks for these students and it really showed!

This year’s video:

2 thoughts on “2013 Student Police Academy”

  1. Sounds like a great event. I can imagine that sometimes, when you’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to remember why you got into policing but having all that new enthusiasm around you must help!

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