Ringing in 2014

The first block of 2014 started off as the first block on the road for our new boot!  He’ll be riding with me for several blocks.  We were scheduled to work afternoon shifts for the block.

Replica FirearmWe used the first afternoon to get setup and acquainted with the equipment.  Once we hit the road, one of the first traffic stops we made resulted in an arrest and seizure of drugs and a replica firearm.  It was a great start to the night.

Later into the evening while on routine patrols, we were made aware of a home invasion in progress a block away in the next jurisdiction.  As we were just around the corner, we arrived on scene first and assisted containing.  Due to the exigent circumstances and unknown public safety concerns the boot and I assisted the RCMP with entry.   I had my less lethal tools with me and we made a successful entry and we took 2 people into custody.  The investigation was handled by the RCMP on site but great experience  for the boot.

After midnight we came across a very intoxicated young man walking in traffic. The young man was acting irrationally and ended up struggling with us after soiling himself.  We needed to ensure he got to hospital and was medically assessed.

Later into the block we arrived at a minor motor vehicle accident to assist with traffic control.  As we got out of the car dispatch advised that there had just been an armed robbery in the area and the suspect fled on foot. The boot saw the suspect running across the street about a block up from us.   I grabbed the bean bag shotgun and we gave chase on foot.  Another unit in the area arrived to assist and we located the suspect.

The boot was first to make contact with the suspect and had a good opportunity to make a high risk arrest his first block.  The suspect was taken into custody without any incident.

Over all it was a busy block, and a great way to kick off the new year and a new career for the boot.

2 thoughts on “Ringing in 2014”

  1. ha- gotta admit I am not well versed in cop lingo. When I first started reading your post I was thinking: Why is he talking about his new footwear so much?!?!

    Thanks to your post I’m now hip to the 911 lingo!

    1. My apologies Brooke! I introduced the term “boot” in an earlier post last year: The Boot

      I can definitely see how it could sound odd thinking I was writing about new footwear. I’ve also added “Boot” to the glossary page just in case for future readers.

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