Alexa’s Team Nomination

PaperWork-1If you’re a regular reader of the blog, I’m sure you’ve read about an impaired driving file, or at least a dozen of them.

In January I received an email informing me that I’d been nominated for “Alexa’s Team” by the Department.

In the Spring of 2008 Delta Police responded to a collision in Ladner that would change a family forever when they lost Alexa at 4 ½ years old.  As a father I can’t imagine losing one of my children to such a senseless and preventable tragedy.

Alexa’s family has been instrumental in the Province’s new Immediate Roadside Prohibition (“IRP”) legislation.  I think of Alexa’s story every time I open the prohibition booklet to fill in the required paperwork roadside as it’s cover is Alexa’s favourite colour, purple.

I read an article mid-2013 that stated prior to the IRP program the 5 year average for impaired driving related deaths was 114 per year in BC.  For the first 30 months after the IRP program launched the calculated yearly average was 56.  That’s a 51% reduction or over 30 months, 143 lives saved.

I’ve heard the complaints that the program is too “strict”, that it “prevents people from enjoying a drink out with friends”.  When I search for “Immediate Roadside Prohibition” I see a page of defence lawyer contact information.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 143 people in BC are alive because people started to seriously reconsider driving after drinking.  143 daughters, sons, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters are still alive.  What if you knew just one of those 143 people?

I don’t do what I do for recognition.  In a general sense I take the oath that I swore seriously and one of the duties I took on was to preserve life.  Specifically speaking, I would rather write endless reports temporarily restricting a person’s privilege to drive than ever having to tell another mother, father, son or daughter to say goodbye to a loved one.   When I say “I’m sorry” to a grieving loved one, there is a sense of regret that we couldn’t catch them all.

I am honoured to be nominated to join Alexa’s team and a team of Police Officers around the Province making an impact and enforcing legislation that has kept a significant number of people alive.

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