ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was challenged to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by my good friend Jennifer West who is a paramedic with BC Ambulance.

I challenged Dave Ogilvy with the Delta Police, Daryl Young with Abbotsford Police and my old platoon mate Dave Mason who is now with Delta Fire.

I wasn’t the only Delta Police officer to accept challenge;

Cst. Ken Usipiuk and 3 other members of the DPD Traffic Section were challenged by Pro Trucker Magazine to do the ALS ice Bucket Challenge. After making their donations they sat down for the dunking… And it looks like some of those doing the pouring enjoyed it a bit too much! Cst. Usipiuk has challenged other Lower Mainland Traffic Sections to complete the challenge and make a donation!

Delta Police Traffic Sergeant Ryan Hall accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

John Charbonneau from the Tsawwassen Rotary Club challenged Delta Police Chief Jim Cessford and Delta Mayor Lois Jackson to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. All the way from Halifax Nova Scotia, here they are taking on the challenge!


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