About Cst. Jim Ingram

I am a Police Officer attached to the Patrol division of Delta Police.  I’m currently assigned to “A” platoon and work a shift schedule of two 12 hour days, two 12 hour nights and 4 days off.

I am also currently the Departmental Sergeant Major.  As such I assist with ceremonial protocol, dress & deportment and act as the department drill instructor as required.DSM

Previous to beginning my career as a Police officer, I spent several years in management in the technology and communications industry working with private corporations, educational institutions, law enforcement and military in Canada and the United States. I also worked with the Canadian Forces for several years in different capacities. In 2007 I received my Queen’s Commission as an Officer with the Canadian Forces.

As a manager and leader, I have a personal interest in leadership techniques and enjoy working with and mentoring junior leaders. I volunteer with various community groups to share my experience and develop these skills.


A perspective from a front line patrol officer in Delta, BC.

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