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Winter Driving PSA

Road closed for over turned vehicle in the ditch ahead
Road closed for over turned vehicle in the ditch ahead

As we’re well entrenched in the rainy winter weather that we’ve all come to know and love in the Lower Mainland, I thought I’d try and remind everyone of some winter driving issues.

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Thin blue line

With the untimely passing of Surrey RCMP’s Cst. Adrian Oliver and the recent memorial service I was asked by someone not related to the law enforcement field why the memorial service was such a significant event. This person meant no disrespect at all and it is a good question for those with no relation to the profession. I started to wonder how best to explain it. I attended the funeral having only ever possibly met Cst. Oliver in passing.

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Qualified Technician Course

As I mentioned in the previous Broken hearts post I was just on a course at the Justice Institute to become a Qualified Technician on the instrument we use to collect evidentiary breath sample in criminal impaired driving cases. It was a great course with great instructors and classmates, the majority of the course were fellow members from Delta and a member from another department that I went to the academy with.

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