I’m quite interested in your feedback after you’ve had a chance to read some of the writing here.  I’d like to know what you find interesting, what you’d like to read more about or how I can tailor the content to suit my audience.

This blog is not monitored 24/7 by Delta Police staff. If you have an emergency please call 911. If you would like to speak to our report desk please call (604) 946-4411. Reports and crimes in progress should not be reported via this website.

Communication Policy

This blog is designed to allow the community insight into the daily activities of a Patrol Officer and facilitate open and honest dialog.  Comments will be moderated to prevent inappropriate content from appearing publicly.

If your post is on topic and viewable by all audiences (no swearing, etc) it will be published and responded to publicly.  Debates may be taken offline (one on one) in an effort to keep the comments topical and allow appropriate response.  Complaints will be referred to the appropriate channels.  Inappropriate comments (abusive, vulgar, etc) will be deleted.

A perspective from a front line patrol officer in Delta, BC.

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