A Police Officer’s Glossary

A brief explanation of some common Police language or abbreviations that you may find used in Cst. Ingram’s writing.

Air1: Air 1 and Air 2 are RCMP helicopters attached to the Lower Mainland Traffic Safety Helicopter Program. The helicopters are available to assist in calls that can benefit from eyes in the air with cameras, infrared cameras and large spot lights.

BAC: Blood Alcohol Content, generally expressed as mg%. For reference, the criminal code defines 80mg% as the “legal limit” for operating a motor vehicle.

Block: Patrol officers in Delta work 4 day rotations, 2 day shifts, 2 night shifts and 4 days off. A 4 day set of work days is referred to as a “block”.

Boot: An affectionate term used to refer to a recruit or a rookie. The term has roots in the military and policing, as the recruit is expected to maintain a pristine uniform including well polished and shined uniform boots.

Charlie Shift: In Delta this is a patrol based 2 officer unit that works a block of afternoons. The unit is responsible for special projects and certain priorities determined by the management team. They also check individuals known to have warrants or curfews.

EHS: Emergency Health Services. Paramedics and other staff with BC Ambulance Service.

LEO: Law Enforcement Officer.

Member: This is a term typically used to refer to another Police Officer

MVI: Motor Vehicle Incident also known as a collision. As collisions are generally avoidable we no longer refer to them as “accidents”.

On View: Something that happens as we (the police) see it. The police officer is also a witness to the event.

OSMV: Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles – Responsible for driver behaviour and road safety.

PC: Police Car

Platoon: On patrol, each shift or team is referred to as a Platoon. Delta Police has 4 platoons assigned to patrol. They are referred to as A through D Platoon. Cst. Ingram is assigned to “A Platoon”

Reserve or R/Cst: The Delta Police have a reserve constable program where qualified individuals, usually with a desire to become Police officers, receive a subset of the training and are sworn in as Municipal Reserve Constables. When on duty and supervised by a Police officer they have similar legal powers as the Police and volunteer their time in the community.

Show Cause: A bail hearing for an accused person where their release prior to trial is determined by a judge.

Subject or SOC: Subject of Complaint. The person or persons that are generally the focus of a call. They are not necessarily “suspects” or have done anything wrong, they are just the subject that we’re dealing with.

A perspective from a front line patrol officer in Delta, BC.

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