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Subject Behaviour / Officer Response (17 June, 2015) - It's been a busy few months in Delta with several dozen shootings along the Delta / Surrey border related to the street level drug trade. I've been working as part of a Uniformed Violence Suppression Team initiative. Our mandate has been to be highly visible and check anyone suspected of involvement in gangs or drugs and to disrupt their business in the area.
Summer Highlights (9 September, 2014) - It's been a busy summer ladies and gentlemen. I've had my latest boot with me all summer and it's been a great 3 months training. I thought I'd catch up with a bit of a highlight reel (for lack of a better term).
It’s never what you think (23 May, 2014) - Our dispatcher broke the radio silence by calling me on the air "Two Echo One Five, can you start making your way to.." as she gave me the location of my next call. We hear our regular dispatchers all shift long and can recognize their voices, her voice sounded off.
In Progress Robbery (7 February, 2014) - Shortly after the robbery we located a house in Surrey that became the target of our investigation. I was first on scene from Delta along with a handful of members from Surrey RCMP as support. In certain circumstances Police can make entry into a residence without a search warrant, and one of those is the exigent need to preserve evidence.
The boot gives chase (12 January, 2014) - We also had some time to do some training with our K9 section. The boot got to see how effective our dogs are at searching and apprehending. He also got to experience taking a dog bite in protective gear.

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