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Excessive apprehensions

Day shift #1

The day started out with someone turning in a decent sized box of ammunition that was part of an estate.  Some of the cartridges were quite old, hand loaded and showed signs of decomposition.  This is a potential sign that the ammunition could be unstable and required special handling.  I catalogued it and arranged for proper destruction.

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Never a routine traffic stop

Day shift #1

The first day shift coming back from a set of holidays always feels like a bit of a catch up day.  I got through some emails, read the last 12 days of reports and answered some routine calls.

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LZ for the Medi-vac

Day shift #1

I start the day in our other zone again with a quick breakfast.  The morning gets off to a fairly routine start and I have time to conduct a few traffic stops.  Surprisingly the theme of the morning was 3 drivers with no driver’s licenses.  All 3 had been cancelled or revoked for one reason or another and all 3 were stopped because they had very obviously committed driving offenses in front of me.

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Cardiac arrest

Afternoon shift #1

I worked the Charlie shift again this block and it was quite busy.  The shift started out fairly routine and we covered some patrol calls.  While clearing from one, I noticed a suspicious male walking around a vehicle.  Upon checking him we came across some drugs and stolen property in his vehicle.  We arrested him, took him to cells to book in, photograph and fingerprint then release with a court date.

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