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Silent cover

Callout shift

One of the platoons was short today so I worked an overtime shift to help out.  The shift began with a report of a missing and possibly suicidal person.  I attended the home, spoke to a close friend and began the investigation.  Based in the initial information we broadcast the person’s description and vehicle across the lower mainland.  Fortunately it turned out to be a misunderstanding and the person was located at work but on a different job site.  As I was clearing that report up we had a report of a residential break and enter where the home owner was home and confronted the suspect before the suspect fled.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate a vehicle that matched the description but luckily nothing was taken and no one was hurt.

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A narrow miss

Day shift #1

The day started out fairly routine with a theft of cell phone and a civil dispute.  Mid-afternoon an impaired driver narrowly missed a significant tragedy as his vehicle was launched off road and landed mere feet from a toddler.  The driver sustained some injuries as he’d elected not to wear his seat belt as well.  A platoon mate was first on scene and arrested the driver.  I attended to assist with witness statements.  The driver was injured enough that he ended up being taken to hospital and wasn’t able to provide a breath sample.  I’ve had some experience with blood demands at the hospital as an alternate means to collect a sample so I offered to stay and help guide my platoon mate through the process.  It seems that no matter how socially unacceptable drinking and driving has become, it’s still a major problem on the roads! Continue reading A narrow miss