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Missing persons

Off the Alex Fraser Bridge at twilight. Air1 is visible just under the railing.

In my last post I’d said I was going on holidays, one of the great things about our shift schedule is that when we take 4 days off, we end up going 12 days with out working (4 days off, 4 days of vacation, 4 days off). Well I took 2 call out shifts so I ended up with 10 days off and just worked 6 long shifts in a row, I was glad to find my pillow at the end of it.

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Coroner’s report

Day shift #1

We received a call that interrupted briefing, a report of a possible prowler in the early morning hours.  Several of us headed towards the house including our K9 officer.  After thoroughly checking the house and yard there was no sign of a prowler and the K9 didn’t pick up any sort of track.  There’s no doubt the complainant heard something and it was better to be safe than sorry. Continue reading Coroner’s report

Amber alert

Day shift #1

It was a fairly routine day, we spent some time getting settled in with our new Sergeant. I took a handful of routine calls and worked on 2 reports to crown counsel for charge recommendations. I did assist one family with a firearms pickup. An elderly family member could no longer care for the firearms and no one else had a valid firearms license. I secured the firearms and lodged them for safekeeping for the time being so the family has one less thing to worry about in a difficult time.

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Zone transfer

With summer holidays winding down, newly promoted Sergeants and some specialty section transfers our platoon is going through a bit of a shuffle. If you’ve been following along you’ll know I’ve recently spent a fair amount of time covering in another zone. As of next block I’m transferring to that zone and we’ll have a new Sergeant as our road boss. This isn’t going to be a major shift for me as I’ve been working with the platoon mates off and on for the last couple months. I am looking forward to the consistency though.

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