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A narrow miss

Day shift #1

The day started out fairly routine with a theft of cell phone and a civil dispute.  Mid-afternoon an impaired driver narrowly missed a significant tragedy as his vehicle was launched off road and landed mere feet from a toddler.  The driver sustained some injuries as he’d elected not to wear his seat belt as well.  A platoon mate was first on scene and arrested the driver.  I attended to assist with witness statements.  The driver was injured enough that he ended up being taken to hospital and wasn’t able to provide a breath sample.  I’ve had some experience with blood demands at the hospital as an alternate means to collect a sample so I offered to stay and help guide my platoon mate through the process.  It seems that no matter how socially unacceptable drinking and driving has become, it’s still a major problem on the roads! Continue reading A narrow miss

Plainclothes work

Afternoon Shifts

This block I worked on a project shift, 4 afternoons in a row in plain clothes with a partner called our Charlie shift.  Primarily we use this shift to conduct curfew checks, make outstanding warrant arrests, walk through the bars and conduct special projects suited for plain clothes detail.  We also support the patrol officers as it’s nice to be able to have a plain clothes unit for some calls. Continue reading Plainclothes work

Impaired parking

Day shift #1

This morning one of the guys on the Platoon and I were able to link multiple theft from auto’s over the last few months to someone redeeming Airmiles for gift cards from the stolen wallets.  A link to a possible suspect is great, however it highlights the fact that people continue to leave their wallets in their vehicles and on top of that some of the vehicles are left unlocked.  We see it all the time, some thieves will just walk down a street checking door handles in the dead of night.  Anything left unlocked is fair game to these guys. Continue reading Impaired parking