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Halloween weekend

Seized inappropriate/illegal items to be carrying in public.

Callout Shift

I worked a callout shift again with another platoon the day before our block started. The first call of note for the day came in as a missing child. As I got on scene we learned that the missing person was a non-verbal autistic child (he didn’t speak) and had gone missing near large fields, ditches and some brush with a few buildings. Continue reading Halloween weekend

Missing persons

Off the Alex Fraser Bridge at twilight. Air1 is visible just under the railing.

In my last post I’d said I was going on holidays, one of the great things about our shift schedule is that when we take 4 days off, we end up going 12 days with out working (4 days off, 4 days of vacation, 4 days off). Well I took 2 call out shifts so I ended up with 10 days off and just worked 6 long shifts in a row, I was glad to find my pillow at the end of it.

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