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The new IRP

Day shift #1

As a matter of habit we try and always have a quick early breakfast together in the zone. From my previous management experience I can tell you people bond over food and for a group of people who have to rely on each other in critical situations, this is essential. Having said that, everyone is aware and ready to get up and leave at a moments notice and pay for a meal uneaten should the need arise. We catch up on a personal level on what happened on our days off or vacation, we chat about things we want to get done during the block, find out what we can help each other with and there’s always some light-hearted jokes thrown in.

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Recovered stolen auto

Day shift #1

I spent the day gathering evidence for the fraud and identity theft file from last block.  I had a platoon mate present a photo pack line up to the two witnesses and the suspect was correctly identified.  Aside from covering for a few calls, it was a paper day to piece together the fraud file.

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Lucky lady

Day shift #1

It was a routine day until mid afternoon when someone attended our front counter to advise that her son had tried to stab his brother with a knife and then threatened to turn the knife on himself.  The young man with the knife was still in their apartment.  I was first on scene, deployed with my less lethal shotgun and contained the exterior of the building until other units arrived.  We made contact and called the young man out without any incident.  Though no one was hurt, the young man admitted that he needed help and wasn’t sure where to turn for it.   We had a lengthy calm discussion to work towards help before he left the scene with us.

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Impaired parking

Day shift #1

This morning one of the guys on the Platoon and I were able to link multiple theft from auto’s over the last few months to someone redeeming Airmiles for gift cards from the stolen wallets.  A link to a possible suspect is great, however it highlights the fact that people continue to leave their wallets in their vehicles and on top of that some of the vehicles are left unlocked.  We see it all the time, some thieves will just walk down a street checking door handles in the dead of night.  Anything left unlocked is fair game to these guys. Continue reading Impaired parking