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It’s been two fairly busy blocks that I’ll condense into one post this week.  On top of my own workflow I’ve got my boot (or my recruit) and I’ve had a handful of regional Tac Troop call outs on days off.

Before I get to writing about the big call of the 2 blocks, I wanted to talk about some of the good work the boot’s been up to.

Alleged Assault

We received a call from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (“MCFD”) about a possible child abuse case.  These cases are taken quite seriously and can be very convoluted and complex.  We started off making contact with the alleged victim and the boot took a very detailed statement.  It became obvious that there was some truth absent in the statement so we confronted the alleged victim and some more truth came out.  We then had to interview witnesses and family members to corroborate the information.   Once we had all of the facts the boot updated the MCFD contact that there were no grounds for charges and no safety concerns.

On days off the boot was contacted by MCFD and told that the alleged victim had been reported missing.  If you haven’t guessed it by now, this job is somewhat of a lifestyle and never really stops so the boot made some phone calls to on duty supervisors and the shift working took care of it (and located the alleged victim).

The next block there was a report of a family disturbance and the boot recalled the address was one of the family members we’d interviewed so he made his way knowing he already had a recent rapport built with the family.  We assisted with mediation and wished  the family well.  These kinds of files are great examples of street level police work.  The boot conducted a thorough investigation to determine the facts from several sources, had contact with support agencies, built a rapport with people and where no charges were appropriate helped mediate.

Mental Health Apprehension

Speaking of follow ups, we were called to a disturbance inside a house and met an 18 yr old girl struggling with addiction and mental health problems.  We apprehended her under the Mental Health Act and took her to the hospital to be seen by psychiatric staff.

While in the hospital we had a very surreal conversation that included her gift bridging two planets and bringing life to earth.  I do find it quite interesting trying to listen to someone in her state that night.  Our focus though was to ensure she was safe.

During our conversation in the hospital she did have some lucid moments and talked about how her freedom had been taken away and wanted to be self-supporting.

It’s not required but we followed up with her anyway the next block to see if she was sober and how she’d made out with the psychiatric staff.  She wasn’t thrilled to see us at her door but she did give us a few moments of her time to talk about how she was sober now and wanted to finish high school while she still had the chance.  We offered some information but ultimately she’s going to have to make the decision to stay sober and follow through.  A reminder to never take our own support systems (family, friends, etc) for granted.

Bank Robbery – In Progress

Perhaps if you follow us on Twitter or the website you saw the media release: Delta Police Investigating Bank Robbery or maybe you saw CTV’s story Delta bank robbed, suspect flees Well that was our shift’s file.

I had just returned from swearing an information with a Judicial Justice of the Peace on a project I’ve got going on so my boot was riding with another platoon mate.  We were alerted to a bank robbery in progress.

This is one of those times I wish I could talk about the details of the file, however as it’s currently in the court process I can’t.  Everyone involved did a great job! It was a 19 hour day but ended with high fives all around.

The initial responding members to the bank did a great job getting information from witnesses and getting that information out to us on the road.  Shortly after the robbery we located a house in Surrey that became the target of our investigation.  I was first on scene from Delta along with a handful of members from Surrey RCMP as support.  In certain circumstances Police can make entry into a residence without a search warrant, and one of those is the exigent need to preserve evidence.  I made entry along with Surrey RCMP members to detain all of the people in the house and preserve the evidence we had reasonable grounds to believe was inside.  More Delta Police members showed up shortly after, including my boot.

After everyone was detained, suspects were identified and arrested.  Our major crime team was called out to assist with writing a search warrant for the house and interview the suspects.  Platoon mates had to secure the residence while the lead investigator, that was first on scene at the bank, and I returned to the office to write our involvements so that a search warrant could be obtained.

Late into the evening we were issued the search warrant and searched the residence where we located some of the evidence from the bank.

Great team work from everyone involved on the platoon, assistance from the neighbouring RCMP, and our major crimes team meant a successful conclusion to the investigation!

The boot gives chase

K9 TrainingOur second block out was still an orientation block for the boot. I drove but he took more of the contact role in the calls.

On our day shifts we received information that a suspect who was wanted for a violent robbery in Surrey was at a residence in our zone.  We arrived on scene as the suspect was attempting to leave and arrested him in the backyard before he could get away.  When we arrested the suspect, we discovered that he was also breaching some conditions of his release on a previous charge. Continue reading The boot gives chase

Ringing in 2014

The first block of 2014 started off as the first block on the road for our new boot!  He’ll be riding with me for several blocks.  We were scheduled to work afternoon shifts for the block.

Replica FirearmWe used the first afternoon to get setup and acquainted with the equipment.  Once we hit the road, one of the first traffic stops we made resulted in an arrest and seizure of drugs and a replica firearm.  It was a great start to the night.

Continue reading Ringing in 2014

That’s not your ID

Weapon-6Day shift #1

The shift revolved around a single call. In the morning I was dispatched to a report of an aggressive panhandler outside of a business. As I got out to speak with him, he became very nervous. Much to the bystanders surprise, my approach with him went from calm and professional to hands on and very direct in a split second.

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