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Working vacation

This block I was on holidays, yet I managed to work 5 days instead of the usual 4!

Training Days

As part of our annual qualification we’re required to take a minimum number of training days.  I love training days, they’re a great way to practice a set of skills and learn some new ones.  We have training topics available to us that range from tactical scenario days to mental health lectures and legal updates.   Our training staff are great, they take their jobs very seriously and have a passion for pushing information to us and making us better police officers.  My intention isn’t to use this blog to discuss our tactics or training but to give you a glimpse of the additional and ongoing training that we have available to us.

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Change of scenery

Day shift #1

We started the shift a little skinny on people with vacations, court time and illness.  I ended up working in a different zone to cover off and balance out the numbers.  It was a fairly routine day, we typically try not to hand larger files to members covering a zone to avoid having to run between zones for follow up.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable though, I took a call that appeared to be a simple theft that has turned into a full fraud and identity theft file.  I figured I’d be assigned to the zone for the whole block though so it was no issue.  It’s a nice change of scenery once in a while and a good chance to work with other platoon mates. Continue reading Change of scenery

Animal cruelty

Afternoon Shifts

This block I worked our Charlie shift again.  It’s a nice change of pace to work with a partner once in a while, you get to pickup some tricks of trade and share some.

Last block we had several alcohol related calls and impaired drivers, this block revolved around animals, mental health and drugs.  The first two shifts of the block I dealt with 2 separate files involving cruelty to animals.  We also apprehended a young man who had a warrant issued under the Mental Health Act on day one.  On the second day we assisted patrol in locating a hypothermic person and apprehended him under the Mental Health Act before anything tragic could happen. Continue reading Animal cruelty