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Late nights

Mischief to a vehicle in driveway.
Mischief to a vehicle in driveway.

This block we worked the weekend leading up to Valentines day. The weekend before any sort of holiday or event tends to be busy as some people take the opportunity to celebrate on the weekend. I also worked a modified Charlie shift only having a partner for 1 of the 4 shifts.

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Never a routine traffic stop

Day shift #1

The first day shift coming back from a set of holidays always feels like a bit of a catch up day.  I got through some emails, read the last 12 days of reports and answered some routine calls.

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The new IRP

Day shift #1

As a matter of habit we try and always have a quick early breakfast together in the zone. From my previous management experience I can tell you people bond over food and for a group of people who have to rely on each other in critical situations, this is essential. Having said that, everyone is aware and ready to get up and leave at a moments notice and pay for a meal uneaten should the need arise. We catch up on a personal level on what happened on our days off or vacation, we chat about things we want to get done during the block, find out what we can help each other with and there’s always some light-hearted jokes thrown in.

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Border runners

Protestor Callout

The department was given a heads up that there was going to be a protest and rally in our area and called out for some additional members. We have a presence at protests to ensure that everyone is safe. As much as it’s our duty to keep the peace, it’s also our duty to ensure that members of the community can have legal, safe, non-violent protests. Fortunately the protest was civil and the crowd very pleasant.

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