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Impaired getaway driver

Callout Shift

Another platoon was short staffed so I took a call out shift to help out.  I took a report of a found child’s bicycle in someone’s yard and was able to locate the rightful owner and return it.  Returning property to anyone is rewarding, returning it to a smiling child is especially rewarding.  Prior to lunch I was dispatched to a report of an assault and ended up tied up for most of the early afternoon taking statements and locating the suspect.  Shortly before the end of shift I saw an MVI take place on the highway.  Fortunately no one was seriously hurt. Continue reading Impaired getaway driver

Silent cover

Callout shift

One of the platoons was short today so I worked an overtime shift to help out.  The shift began with a report of a missing and possibly suicidal person.  I attended the home, spoke to a close friend and began the investigation.  Based in the initial information we broadcast the person’s description and vehicle across the lower mainland.  Fortunately it turned out to be a misunderstanding and the person was located at work but on a different job site.  As I was clearing that report up we had a report of a residential break and enter where the home owner was home and confronted the suspect before the suspect fled.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate a vehicle that matched the description but luckily nothing was taken and no one was hurt.

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Recovered stolen auto

Day shift #1

I spent the day gathering evidence for the fraud and identity theft file from last block.  I had a platoon mate present a photo pack line up to the two witnesses and the suspect was correctly identified.  Aside from covering for a few calls, it was a paper day to piece together the fraud file.

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A new platoon mate

Day shift #1

This block I’ve got a new Delta Police member riding with me.  While he’s new to our force, he’s definitely not new to policing, he’s spent over 10 years with another force in Canada and a handful of years as a Police officer overseas.  We spent a lot of time getting him used to the computer systems and work flow that we use. Continue reading A new platoon mate