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Zone transfer

With summer holidays winding down, newly promoted Sergeants and some specialty section transfers our platoon is going through a bit of a shuffle. If you’ve been following along you’ll know I’ve recently spent a fair amount of time covering in another zone. As of next block I’m transferring to that zone and we’ll have a new Sergeant as our road boss. This isn’t going to be a major shift for me as I’ve been working with the platoon mates off and on for the last couple months. I am looking forward to the consistency though.

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Armed domestic

Callout shift

One of our platoons was short for their Charlie shift so I took an afternoon shift to help out on days off. Unlike most Charlie shifts I was working alone as my partner for the night had a recruit so they were already paired up.

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Never a routine traffic stop

Day shift #1

The first day shift coming back from a set of holidays always feels like a bit of a catch up day.  I got through some emails, read the last 12 days of reports and answered some routine calls.

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